Prof. Bubbles

Prof. Bubbles and his bubble bag

Prof. Bubbles has escaped from the lab!
Now he creates Bubble Shows and interactive events for all ages from 2 till 102.

Are you looking for a stage act? A kids show? Or perhaps something unique for your wedding or corporate event? Let Prof. Bubbles break the ice, charm the crowd and make your event shine.

An interactive Bubble Show is perfect for events with kids and families: school or pre-school fests, starting school parties, Christmas parties, birthdays, communions, Bar Mitzvas and more. Indoors or outdoors Prof. Bubbles will entertain and surprise with his mesmerising bubble effects, quirky comedy and bubbly charm.

And best of all you get to make giant bubbles too!


Bubbles are a perfect fit in so many different situations

Prof Bubbles blows bubbles into bubbles

Kids and Family Shows

With a bag full of tricks and a head full of science Prof. Bubbles has a show for everyone both young and old. It's surprising, breathtaking and funny. And it's not just bubbles - it's entertainment.
From small bubbles to big bubbles Prof. Bubbles will even put a kid in a bubble! 5 - 30 minute shows for kids or all ages can be performed indoors or outdoors depending on your needs.

A cute child makes a big bubble

Make giant Bubbles

Do you want to make giant bubbles too? Get involved and let Prof. Bubbles run your interactive bubble event. With individual learning stations participants will create bubble sculptures, learn how to make bubbles with their hands, blow bubbles in bubbles and of course make giant bubbles. Interactive bubble events can be booked in conjunction with a Prof. Bubbles show.

Prof. Bubbles pops a smoke filled bubble on his light table

Stage Acts

Stage ambience and lighting allows the creation of some truely magical and surreal bubble effects. Set to classical music and without words, Prof. Bubbles has a number of stage acts for different types of events. Visual, poetic and funny bubble acts for variete stages, galas, weddings and many other events. Different act lengths und formats are possible depending on your requirements.


Check out videos of Prof. Bubbles in action!


Who is Prof. Bubbles really?

Julian Bell the man behind Prof. Bubbles

Hello. My name is Julian Bell. I'm an Australian performing artist.
Since 2002 I've travelled the world performing theatre and comedy shows in festivals, circuses and on stage. From Dublin to Dubai my comedy street theatre show Ernest the Magnifico has been enjoyed in festivals and events in over 20 countries.

In 2013 I moved to Freiburg Germany. When I first arrived I learnt German and founded a childeren's theater company Firlefanz theater.

Then I took on a bigger challenge: I became a dad. It was while playing with my son Louis that I discovered the joy of making Bubbles.
Prof. Bubbles combines my love of theatre and comedy with the natural spectacle of bubbles. I look forward to sharing this experience with you.


I look forward to creating a unforgettable bubble show for your event

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