Charm your wedding guests with bubbles

"The bubble show was a big hit. Not only for our younger guests, but the show and the following hands-on action mixed up the wedding party and brought it into a natural swing. Just perfect for bringing everyone together." Susanne Gehrke, Munich

Are you worried about how her tennis friends will get on with his rock buddies? And how do we integrate the eccentric aunty?

Bubbles break the ice in a playful way, providing an opportunity to marvel, discover, try out and laugh together. Bubbles can make your wedding stand out with a moment of distinctive beauty and magic.

Let Prof. Bubbles and your guests transform the end of your ceremony into a sea of bubbles. A bubble show and DIY bubble session brings together the most estranged of wedding guests, and an enchanting light table show naturally sets the tone of your special night...

"Thank you for the great show! It was the highlight of our wedding. Great fun for young and old!" Clara S. Freiburg