Interactive Bubble Shows for festivals

"Prof. Bubbles enchanted our audience in the family area of the Baden-W├╝rttemberg-Festival - simply beautiful!" Anna Scholand, Waldkirch City

On the stage or on the street...with a bag full of tricks and a head full of science Prof. Bubbles delights spectators both young and old!

As he begins to sculpt bubbles into every conceivable shape and form, the boundaries of science and art blur and become fantastic entertainment! Shows include: Hand bubbles, fog-filled bubbles, helium bubbles, kid in a bubble, (optional) fire bubbles and of course every other conceivable bubble. The show is interactive, funny and beautiful.

Technical Info

  • On the street or on the stage
  • Shows from 5-40 minutes
  • Maximum 3 Shows per day
  • Designed for audiences of all ages
  • Shows for indoor or outdoor*
  • Visual effects and comedy without words
  • Prof. Bubbles provides all equipment including amplification for up to 500 people
  • *Bubbles are not just for outdoor events. Many effects work much better in wind protected environments. For indoor shows the floor is protected by a PVC tarpaulin and a carpet.