Stage Acts

"Your performance had so much magic and so much 'slow down' that I got goose bumps. An enchanting anecdote to the stress of modern life"Doris Roth

Without words, with the help of light and music, Professor Bubbles presents surreal bubble effects, letting his poetic creations waft through the room, enchanting the audience at a wide variety of events: Whether on varieté stages, galas or weddings - his shows vary in length and format according to your needs, but always remain visually impressive, full of humor and filled to bursting with sparkling ideas!

In wind protected spaces numerous effects are possible, including the Light Table, helium bubbles and an extended handbubble program.

Technical Info

  • Stage acts can be from 5 to 30 Minutes
  • Visual effects and comedy without words
  • Stage is protected with a PVC tarpaulin
  • 1 minute bump in, 30 seconds bump out
  • Technical requirements are simply a minijack near to the stage for an iPod
  • 2m x 2m minimum up to 10mx 10m
  • Effects can be seen within 25m
  • A consultation with the lighting technician allows for many special visual effects
  • When possible a dark background is important to make the bubbles look amazing